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Our Services

We Empower Organizations to Operate Better (Organization Development)
Our organization development consulting services are designed to increase the overall effectiveness and profitability of your organization through the analysis of existing enterprise challenges (related to people, process, policy, and/or organization culture) and identifying the ideal future in the development of strategic plans. Our areas of focus are:

Strategic Planning: Determining the compatibility of your current business structure and business model with future business objectives, and recommending enhancements that will enable the realization of your goals.
Process/Organizational Structure Evaluation and Redesign: Assessing your current processes and organizational structure, crafting recommendations for improvement, and implementing recommendations that will result in streamlined workflow. Documenting new job processes, new responsibilities, and new reporting relationships.
Professional Facilitation: Serving as an objective third party to lead and facilitate brainstorming and planning sessions. 

We Empower Leaders to Perform Better (Leadership Enhancement)

In workshops, seminars, learning exchanges, and one-on-one coaching settings, we empower teachable adult leaders who want clarify and improve their leadership style.  Our sessions provide the tools and information they will need to grow and improve.  Our most popular sessions for this audience are on themes such as Emotional Intelligence (EI), values-based leadership, developing and executing a strategic plan, principles of leadership dynamics, and courage and accountability in communications. In addition, we partner with leaders in taking a purposeful and intentional approach to strategic planning so that they can chart a clear course for the success of their organizations. 

We Empower Individuals to Live Better (Personal and Professional Development)

In one-on-one coaching settings, we guide individuals who feel "stuck" and need guidance in unearthing answers to questions about how to identify and go about meeting personal goals.  In interactive workshops for groups and teams, we coach clients on how to present themselves with excellence in their professional environment - craft their personal brand - so they effectively cultivate solid work relationships and create a positive reputation.